ECO News – Project Wild Thing

As a follow up to the showing of the film, ‘Project Wild Thing’, we are keen to share ideas of places to have happy times outside.

If you have a recommendation for either a walk or an outing that is more of an activity (e.g. great places for kite flying/playing hide and seek/blackberry picking/tree climbing/pond dipping), then we would love to hear from you. Locations could be local or more of a drive away, although it would be great if some suggestions were within walking distance, and therefore, accessible to everyone at any time. We are looking for activities that are completely free of charge, rather than outings which cost money.

There is now an A4 book in the parents’ room. We want to encourage you to write your ideas in it. There are some in there already so you won’t be the first! If you would prefer, please email your ideas to:

It would be helpful to know the location (start and finish), roughly what the activity involves and a rough idea of how long it takes. A contact number or email address would also be useful in case we need to ask for clarification about something.

At the end of term, we hope to go through the book and emails, and compile a list which will be available to all families…just in time for Spring and Summer!

We really look forward to hearing your ideas. Thank you for sharing them.


Tabitha Gilchrist, Zoe Priddle and Mr Seeley

March 2014