Feet First Dance Festival 2013

On Wednesday 20th March 2013 I had the privilege of accompanying our combined Year 1 and Year 6 Dance Clubs to Cheltenham Town Hall.  The 50 children involved had spent weeks rehearsing for this special day.

We had put together a ‘Dance through the Decades’ which included tracks from the 1940s right through to 2012’s ‘Gangnam Style!’

Our children performed their dance to a packed Town Hall with incredible energy and commitment.  The Year 6 children gently guided and encouraged our Year 1’s through the routine which ended in a show stopping back flip from Minnie Wijesinghe!

Mrs Connolley and I felt so proud of all our children, a sentiment echoed by the other staff in attendance and the many parents, family and friends who had come to support us. 

Well done to all of you and who knows….. we might just have to dust the routine off for the Summer Fair………


A quick run through in Imperial Gardens


Our children enjoying other performances


Combined Year 1 and Year 6 Dance Club