Feet First Dance Festival 2015

On Thursday 5th March, the Year 1 and Year 6 Dance clubs, popped on their dancing shoes and hot-footed their way to the annual Feet First Dance Festival at the Town Hall.

Circus Time by Year 1.

The Ring-Mistress (Amy) had all her Year 1 Circus acts very well under control; there were lions, elephants, jugglers and tight-rope walkers, all taking their turn to perform and show their tricks. Then…. everyone together mixing and mingling within the circus ring. I’m glad the lions were friendly.  What a treat Year 1, you told a great story.


Thank you to Ms Grover, Mrs Peace and Mrs Burgess for your enthusiasm and expertise.

Just Want You To Dance With Me Tonight by Year 6

A great party track for our Year 6 troupe to kickup their heels and flick their feet to.  Starting off as a large group, our dancers effortlessly moved to smaller groupings and created their own routines to suit their personalities.  I love how music tells us how to move in our own way and it was lovely to see these children interpret the Music “their” way.  The finale was well presented and brought everybody back to the whole group.  Well done Year 6, you were so colourful and you clearly loved working together.  You were great fun to watch.

Thank you Mrs Connolley for working your magic alongside these dancers!


What a day!  Full of colour, good music, great moves and most importantly; happy children performing together as a team and enjoying the festival experience.