Girls’ Cross Country Report

On the 6th October 2011 Leckhampton Primary School Cross Country Team had their first  match of the season, at Old Pat’s playing field. After we were all warmed up, the girls went to the start line while the boys stood at the side cheering us on. After a couple of minuets of nervous waiting, the whistle blew and the girls race started. We could already see who were going to be our two top racers. Rosie McMahon closely followed by Ella Burfitt, they were already half way up the field. We ran round the field once and then went up the hill through some gates then back down into the park where we sped across the finish line.


The results:

Rosie McMahon – 2nd

Ella Burfitt – 3rd

Olivia Rook – 12th

Megan Kidger – 30th

Anna Coxson – 59th

Eryn Keogh – 61st

Emily Eyre – 68th

Cleo Hooper -82nd


Thank you to all those that took part and all the adults and children who cheered us on! Especially Miss Buckland. Thank you!


By Ella Devlin