Hearts and Flowers Wingwalk

Yes, I did do it!

The weather was lovely at a small grass landing strip in Oxfordshire and we were good to go. After a briefing on how to get onto the plane and how to get off again, how to tell the pilot you were ok or not and warnings of the risks involved, we signed our forms and I waited for my turn while the pilot refuelled.

I’d seen a bit of the person before me which was exciting. So when I was called I was looking forward to it. I did manage to remember how to get up onto the wing and was secured onto the rig with the harness. Then off we went.

The field was very bumpy so I felt I’d tested the harness by the time we took off. I felt very safe. The flight was fabulous. We did lots of swooping, flew across the airfield for the spectators to take photos and then banked away. We flew within 4 metres of a red kite and I could see every feather on its back. It wasn’t bothered about us at all. Our final pass across the field included the pilot waggling the wings with first one side up and then the other…..Wheee!

I enjoyed every minute of it!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you all for supporting the campaign with the non-uniform day and sponsorship. Also for the vast number of good wishes that I received. The total for the defibrillator is creeping up, please keep an eye open for future events in the area and come and play our game at the FOLPS Summer Fair.

Yours aerobatically,

Mrs Blake