House Tag Rugby 14th January 2013

On a damp, muddy pitch the House Tag Rugby competition took place this week. House Captains had been busy organising their teams and collecting bibs and tag belts in preparation. Their organisational skills allowed the competition to start promptly soon after lunch.

Each house played three matches against each other refereed by Mr Seeley and Mr Mackenzie. There was an emphasis on fair play with competitiveness. Games were played over 10 minutes with a short break in between to allow House Captains to make substitutions.

At the end of the afternoon these were the standings:

St Patrick: Won 3: Drawn: 0 Lost: 0

St David: Won 2: Drawn: 0 Lost: 1

St George: Won: 1 Drawn: 0 Lost: 2

St Andrew: Won: 0 Drawn: 0 Lost: 3

Congratulations to St Patrick who finished the afternoon with 9 points and are, therefore, Champions for 2013.

Thank you to House Captains and Mr Mackenzie for making the afternoon an enjoyable one.

Mr Seeley