House Tug of War

On Monday 5th November the Key Stage Two children took part in the annual House Tug of War competition.

Each House Captain had chosen a squad of 12 volunteers from Years 3/4 and a squad of 12 from Years 5/6.  Each team had to pull against every other house in a best of three contest and points were awarded as follows: 3 points if you won two pulls to nil, 2 points if you won two pulls to one.

The contestants competed valiantly and fairly. Every member of the team tried really hard to win their match but also shook hands with their opponents when the match was over. The children’s behaviour was exemplary. By the end of the afternoon, there were a few muddy knees, sore hands and a few aching muscles.

Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the afternoon’s exertions, including the spectators and special thanks need to go to the House Captains for organising their teams so well.

The final results were:

  1.  St. Patrick  11 points
  2.  St. David      7 points
  3. St. Andrew   5 points
  4. St. George    4 points