House Tug of War

On Wednesday 13th November 2013, determined faces from Key Stage 2 supported their houses in the house tug of war.


The House Captains of St Patrick, St George, St Andrew and St David had the hard task of singling out just twenty four people from their house, twelve from year three and four, and twelve from year five and six.  The scoring worked like this:-


3 points if you win two pulls to nil,
2 points if you win 2 pulls to 1,
1 point if you lose 2 pulls to 1
0 points if you lose 2 points to nil.

These were the final scores:-

St Andrew = 12

St George = 10

St Patrick = 8

St David = 6

Thank you to everybody for competing and a special thank you to Mr Mackenzie for organising this very special event.