iSing Pop

Day One : by Beech Class

First, we talked our school values and then we were told about the three important things;

  1. Stand or sit straight,
  2. Smile as it makes your voice brighter
  3. Open your mouth to sing.

Some of us even had our mouths measured in cm!

Then we learned our first song “Lift my hands up”. We know the words and the actions.

We hope you enjoy our photos.

Day Two

We started with the song that we did yesterday , “I lift my hands up” and then Nat taught us a new tune.  This tune was called “Friends Forever” and it reminded us of the respect we should have for each other.  We have to do a lot of reggae  bouncing in this one but we do this really well.

To finish off our session, we learned a slower song called “Show Me The Way” where we get to do some beautiful swaying.

Day Three

As well as practising all our songs so far;

Lift My Hands Up

Show Me The Way

Friends For Life

we also learned our last song, Stars.

Tomorrow is our recording day, so Nat talked about how we would need to be super quiet.

There’s a challenge!