Isle of Wight 2016

Monday 11th July 2016

2016-07-11 15.03.16After a wonderful day at Portsmouth Dockyard where we took part in Action Stations, a Spy Workshop and interactive games and activities at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, we arrived at Little Canada.  We settled into our chalets and enjoyed our first meal of the trip – lots of choice for everyone.

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Tuesday 12th July 2016

2016-07-12 09.17.17We enjoyed a range of activities including trapeze, climbing, catwalk, abseiling, zip wire and all aboard.  The children challenged themselves and supported each other throughout the day.  We have enjoyed an evening of football, tag games, diary writing and relaxing with friends.  A slightly earlier night tonight as there were many tired faces this morning!

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“All Aboard – working in groups of 3 the children make their way up to the top of the pole.  Once there, all three stand on a small platform, hold hands and lean backwards and forwards.  The final mission, using bottoms is to barge each other off the pole!  There is hardly any room on the platform and it wobbles at lot!!”

Wednesday 13th July 2016

After a much better night’s sleep, we continued to enjoy a morning of activities.  One of the highlights was aeroball which the children loved; they are keen to get one for school now.  Following lunch we set off for Amazon World.  We were desperate for the lemurs to come and say hello but they were busy sleeping and settling the babies.  The trip to the Amazon World shop was very successful and many cuddlies were bought.  Tonight our activity is ‘passport to the world’ and we will be racing around the site collecting clues and flags.

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Tomorrow we have Dinosaur Isle and the DISCO.  We can’t wait!!

Thursday 14th July 2016

A morning spent fossil hunting on the beach at Sandown. The children were encouraged to look for anything black! Finds included fossilised wood, dinosaur poo and sponges. A visit to yet another gift shop ended the morning. A bus load of weary children (and staff) completed their PGL activities with increasing vigour as children yet again put aside their fears. Excited children engulfed in clouds of deodorant marched to the disco for one final hurrah!

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Friday 15th July 2016