Leckhampton Marathon Challenge!

Leckhampton Marathon Challenge!!

How far do you think the children of Leckhampton C E Primary School can run?

As part of our “Going for Gold” project we would like to set the children a challenge as well as trying to raise money for our school charities. 

In classes, each child is going to run as far as they can without walking and their class teacher will record the distance.

Each class total will then be added up to make a school total.

We would like each child to contribute £1.00 to take part in this challenge and for that contribution you could estimate how many metres you think the whole of the school can run.  If you have three children and you contribute three pounds then you could have three guesses!  There will be an Olympic prize for the winning estimate (honest!) and in the event of a tie, we would have to draw the winning name out of a hat.  As already mentioned, the money will go to our school charities.

To help you make your estimate, the Olympic Marathon distance is 42,195 metres. We have 420 children so if every child runs 100m we would pretty much complete one marathon! One hundred metres is obviously quite a long way if you are four years old, but not very far if you are eleven years old.  Well, it shouldn’t be, anyway!