Leckhampton Primary School Orchestra, Music For Youth Festival 2012 at Birmingham Symphony Hall


What an exciting occasion!

On Monday 2nd July, our musicians from the Orchestra took part in the Regional MFY festival for the first time.  Having taken part in the local festival at Pates earlier in March this year, we were delighted to find out that we had been invited to take part at this regional level. 

After another early start, having labeled up our instruments and attached a special green Leckhampton ribbon so that we didn’t lose them, the LPSO travelled by bus to the Symphony Hall.  They were quickly shown to our dressing room where they snacked and tuned up.  Then there was a wait to be called.  There were many flights of stairs and the children had to carry their own instruments.  They were very good at this by the end of the morning!

There was more waiting to do back stage but the children lined up quietly and listened to the school before us, even though we couldn’t see them.  They were fabulous and it whetted the children’s appetites – they couldn’t wait to get on that stage.  When it was their turn, Ms Leiher conducted them through “Fierlich Und Gemessen” by Mahler and “The Flintstones” theme tune.  The children were amazing and they looked so smart and quite at home on such a famous stage.  The adjudicators praised them for their beautiful playing, Ms Leiher’s arrangements and the Year 6 pupils who played the solo parts with finesse and confidence.

It was a very moving experience, of one I know I will never forget.  I am sure the children will remember it for a long time too.  Who knows?  Maybe our players will go on to perform on that very stage later on in life.  I hope so!

Well done Orchestra!  I am so proud of you.  Many, many thanks to Ms Leiher for all our rehearsals and performances.  You do an amazing job!