Leckhampton Primary Windband go to ‘Music for Youth’

Every year, a National Festival is held to celebrate children and young people making Music together.  The Festival culminates in the autumn with the best of all the young groups and ensembles gathering at the Royal Albert Hall.  During March and April however, the Festival begins locally in towns and cities where children can gather and showcase what they can do.  In return for their performances, the groups are awarded with a critique and a certificate.  After a few weeks, they may get invited to perform again more regionally and in the past we have been invited back to Birmingham to sing and play.

It’s early days yet, but our recently formed Wind-band had a tremendous time playing locally at the Town Hall and all those practices have definitely paid off.  You have a lot to be proud about; have a read at what the adjudicator thought of their “Anvil Chorus”, “Royal Crown March” and “Boot Scootin’ Barn Dance”.

“A lovely introduction, thank you!  We really enjoyed your interpretation of this opera chorus, and were very impressed that the pots were tuned virtually to a perfect 5th.  Your school is obviously very musical, wonderful to see such an array of instruments.  You played with a real sense of rhythm, with the dotted crotchets and quavers rhythm in the melody.  Try to project more: the bass line even more.  You captured the spirit of the march from the first bar and the percussion section showed great control to keep the pulse steady, without drowning the other instruments.  Harmony parts in clarinets and trombone were carefully played and counted.

Barn dance was a rousing finale, with solid trumpet playing in the melody.  Trombone and Saxophone were a tight team and good to see you all watching your conductor in those final stamps and shouts.  Brass temple blocks – such focus!  Wonderful to see you already tackling such repertoire and performing as an ensemble at such a young age!  Continue to enjoy your music making, try playing some pieces by memory so you can start to watch each other and listen more carefully.”

What a positive write-up!  Amazing work children and many, many thanks to Ms Grover for preparing and rehearsing you.  Thank you to Miss Gill and the parents who also supported. A marvellous, musical report.