Leckhampton -v- St Gregorys

Tuesday 4th October

Leckhampton 1 – 1 St Greg’s

After the thrilling victory against Charlton Kings last week, hopes were understandably high going into yesterday’s encounter against a well presented St Greg’s outfit.  Donned in an imposing navy blue, the tall St Greg’s team were an daunting picture as they huddled for their pre match team talk prior to the match. Our gallant team were not intimidated, however, and words of encouragement were stinging around the Leckhampton players, filling each player in green with hope and determination.

Mr Cook’s positive blow of the whistle brought play under way, and right from the kick off St Greg’s showed their class.  Some lovely one and two touch play stung the ball from blue shirt to blue shirt, weaving their way around the willing Leckhampton players, resulting in an early shot on goal. Did that worry us? Not in the slightest! Leckhampton played their way into the match slowly but surely, and, playing into a stiff breeze during that competitive first half, more than held their own.  An early goal from their impressive number 7 broke the deadlock.  An accurate curling cross was flicked on by their 7, leaving Joe Devlin with no chance. Even the Leckhampton fans nodded in approval at that sumptuous goal.  Leckhampton were behind, but not discouraged.  Within minutes they were pounding at the St Greg’s defence and another accurate corner from Noah Walker led to an instinctive, predator like finish from the ever impressive Benjamin Grice; a real stalwart of the team. 1 all.

The second half was far less competitive.  Leckhampton pushed forwards looking for the winner with relentless regularity and determination. Were it not for the unfortunate run of the ball, those bright green shirts would have been jumping for joy at the final whistle, but it was not to be.  Noah Walker went so close, as did Benjamin Grice once more, and although we cut disappointed figures at the final whistle, Leckhampton couldn’t have given more.  Everyone played their hearts out, including Betsy Gaze, who, on her A team debut, against those far larger than her, produced a brave and composed display. Well done Betsy, and well done Leckhampton!