Meet our Governors

As our new Parent Governors get to grips with all things Leckhampton, I thought it might be interesting for them to share a little bit about themselves and their experiences of Leckhampton C of E Primary School. Over the coming weeks we shall ask all of our Governors to contribute a little something which will hopefully give a different perspective to school life. I hope you find the articles interesting.

Sam Porter

Hello.  My name is Rachel Ephgrave and I would like to introduce myself as one of your four new parent governors.  This year my youngest child started at Leckhampton and, having been a parent at the school for seven years already, I thought it was a good time to get more involved with the school myself.

Last term I saw my eldest daughter celebrating in the sun with her friends at the end of term leavers picnic on the field.  The event was filled with excitement for the future, along with an awareness that many fellow classmates, and several cherished friends, were going to be following different paths through their journey of secondary education.  It was the end of an era for pupils and parents alike.

September brought the cooler weather and the beginning of my son's journey through Leckhampton.  Despite being one of the younger children in the year he approached the transition with confidence, already being familiar with the school, thanks to his sisters, and knowing a large proportion of his fellow classmates from his time at pre-school.  Taster visits to his reception classroom in the summer term ensured that he was happy to run off into class without me on the first day.

Having had two children pass through reception already I was well prepared for the tiredness that even half days can bring.  I remember being sure that my eldest, who when she started had attended kindergarten almost fulltime and was approaching five, would find the half days easy.  I must admit that I was frustrated that she could not start fulltime immediately.  It quickly became apparent  that half days in a new school can be far more demanding than full days in a familiar kindergarten!  Meeting new teachers and understanding their expectations, getting used to new routines in a different and highly stimulating educational environment and making new friends as a small fish in a much bigger pond are all very exciting experiences.  They can  also be mentally demanding and physically exhausting for new reception pupils.  

Whilst some children take it all in their stride and retain consistently high levels of energy, I have learnt that it pays to be prepared for the possibility of tiredness.  Third time round I have kept our levels of after school activity low this term, and understood that I may not hear immediately about everything that has happened during the school day.   I have allowed for occasional lapses in reason and not worried about my son dozing off unexpectedly on the sofa!

After his first half term I now have a confident schoolboy, attending full time and knowing that he belongs in the family of Leckhampton.  All his (and his teachers') hard work in class is clearly paying off.  He is making new friends, loving the outdoor opportunities, flying on magic carpets and acting out his phonics with enthusiasm.  At half term he was absolutely delighted to discover that these new sounds make words that he can actually read himself!  My son has set off confidently on his primary school journey.  I look forward to sharing with him his years at Leckhampton, as I start my own journey serving as a governor.

November 2013.