Mixed Sixes Cross Country

On 31st January, 2012 Leckhampton took two mixed teams to compete in a cross country race at Dean Close. Races were held in two age groups: U9 and U11. Each team consisted of 3 boys and 3 girls.


The under 9s were first to run. They anxiously waited at the starting line, eager to warm up from the bitter weather. The whistle blew and they were off, boys and girls sprinting together.  It wasn’t long until they had reached the top of Dean Close field and disappeared out of sight. The crowd raced to the far corner waiting to see someone they recognised appear through the gap. Angus Hall and Olivia Rook were the first members of Leckhampton team to be spotted. They were hot on each other’s heels, closely followed by Danny Tilley. Pacing themselves out, they raced over the finish line receiving 16th, 18th and 22nd. Maddie Dalgleish and Emily Eyre were the next to stride to the finish with Oscar Mercati not far behind them. This was the first competitive race for many of our under 9s and they all ran very well.


Next it was the under 11’s turn. They paced at the starting line looking at the course ahead of them. The whistle blew and there was a mass of bodies racing together towards the edge of the field, where they disappeared out of sight. Three bodies quickly appeared from the far corner with Benjamin Rook amongst them, from there it was a competitive sprint to see in which order the boys would be placed. Benjamin kept up his place received 3rd!  Not far behind Rosie McMahon and Seth Price were fighting it out for 12th and 13th. Seth determined not to be beaten by a girl, reached the line just ahead of Rosie.  Henry Morrison followed just behind them receiving 15th. There were just two more runners from Leckhampton team to finish and it wasn’t long before we saw Ella Burfitt and Megan Kidger racing to the finish to receive 25th and 29th place. In total Leckhampton under 11’s scored 97 points coming 2nd out of 7 teams. Tockington Manor won with 73 points.


Well done to all of the runners and a big thank you to the parents that came to support us.  Not forgetting Dean Close for organising the mixed sixes event and for the yummy hot dogs and cups of tea that warmed us up at the end.  We look forward to the ‘hot dog’ race next year.