Music For Youth

Pates Grammar School, Sunday 4th March

It was an early, wet start on the morning of Sunday March 4th, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our fabulous musicians as they unpacked their cars with cellos, violins, trumpets, clarinets, sheet music and show-biz smiles.

We were so excited to be involved in the “Music For Youth” concert series once again and we just knew that our hard working Orchestra were going to make Leckhampton proud.  What a marvellous job they did.  Not only did they look smart and presentable, their tuning was great, their concentration was “spot-on” and their ability to work as a team was to be highly commended.  They opened with Mahler’s  “Feierlich” and closed with an oldie but a goodie, “The Flintstones”.  Orchestra leader Ms Leiher-Jones was really pleased with the positive comments made by the adjudicators, as shown below;


Super pizzicato sound to open with – real accuracy with your unison playing too! Lovey,  well projected melody sits neatly over the top.  Some very carefully balanced harmonies as well.  Tuning is very good (unusual for young string groups)! Your full orchestra sound is rich and sonorous.  Good choice of music, expertly performed.


A suitable contrast.  Lovely warm violin sound. It maybe lacks some of the bounce the tune really needs but this is very secure, well balanced, tuning is good.

A very enjoyable performance from a group of young musicians with a very bright future.  Well done.

A super critique for a super group of young musicians.  I am so proud of you all.  Many thanks to all the parents who help you arrive so early on Friday mornings and a huge thank you to Ms Leiher-Jones.

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