Olympics – Going for Gold

To mark the Olympic Games 2012, our sports day is going to be run differently this year.

We are linking it to our “Going for Gold” project. Every class has chosen a country to study (14 countries) and each child in the school has been placed in one of those countries for our own Olympic s.

We are having a Going for Gold week, beginning on Monday 28th May and lasting until Thursday 31st May (last day of term).

During that week not only will each class be finding out about their own class’ country but they will also be taking part in other events competing for their Olympic country.

Any points they gain in these events will add up to a grand total for their countries, culminating in an award of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the first, second and third teams respectively. Every other child will receive an Olympic/ Queen’s Jubilee commemorative medal.

Timetable of events

Monday 28th May 2012         Opening ceremony and Torch relay, learning about our countries.

Tuesday 29th May 2012         Learning about our countries

Wednesday 30th May 2012    a.m. Key Stage One Olympics.

                                               p.m. Key Stage Two Olympics.

Thursday 31st May 2012        a.m. learning about our countries

                                               p.m. Closing ceremony and medal presentations.


More detail will follow so keep watching the website!!