Prince of Wales Athletics

On Friday 1st July 2011 the best Key Stage 2 Leckhampton runners took part in the Cheltenham Primary Schools' Athletics Competition.  The children all performed admirably and were a credit to the school.  We didn't win the competition but performed well and probably finished about 5th out of 14 schools.  There were some notable performances, the pick of which was perhaps Ella Burfitt winning the Girls 600m race.


Ella Burfitt leaving the other children in her wake


Action shot of Raiph Ackroyd and Max Amiry in the Year 3 relay


Children and staff waiting and watching


Determination etched on the face of Harriet Sanderson in the Year 4 individual race


William Dutton showing his commitment in the Year 5 individual race


Harry Hope competing in the Year 3 individual race