Reception Welcome Service

On 21st October, 2015our Reception children and their families attended a service of welcome at St Peter`s Church, Leckhampton. The service was to formally welcome the children into the family of St Peter`s Church and the School.

The service was led by Reverend Natalie Burfitt who introduced the idea of how we are all woven together. At first we need a strong frame to hold us together. This frame represents our families, the School, the Church and God the Father. In time the love and support of those around us allows the frame to be removed and the weaving remains intact as a beautiful work of art. Representatives of the different groups from School took part in weaving threads, which symbolised the importance of all the different groups working together to build the family of the Church and School. This is the second weaving to be started by the families of the Reception children here at Leckhampton and we look forward to hanging it next to our completed weaving which is by the Key Stage 1 library.

The Reception children sang `Our God Is a Great Big God`, with great enthusiasm and the Year 6 choir, led by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Bennett, sang “ I the Lord of Sea and Sky”. The Reception children then hung pictures of themselves on trees in the Church, which will be left for the congregation to enjoy and to hold the children in their thoughts and prayers as they start this very special journey.

The children were given `talk bags`, which contained three pebbles. These are to promote family talk time and prayer. The rough pebble is to encourage the children to talk about something in the school day which they might have found tricky, the smooth pebble encourages the children to share a routine part of the day and the shiny pebble is to encourage the children to think about something special which may have happened in the day. We hope that our families will find the bags both useful and enjoyable!