Resilience Day

We have had resilience day this week. We have talked about what resilience is, how important it is and practiced showing resilience in our lessons today, which wasn’t always easy!

We started our day with a Collective Worship where we watched a clip of Ormie the Pig being resilient. All the children (and staff) enjoyed watching how he tried several strategies to get some cookies. We learnt from Ormie that when things do not go our way we need to show resilience by trying another way. It can be very easy to give up, get upset or stamp our feet when we are trying something new, working with other people or having to do something we find difficult. Ormie came up with lots of different strategies to solve his problem. But did he succeed in the end? You will have to watch the clip to find out! Click here to watch it at home.

All classes have got a Learning Line in their room to remind them of the stages of learning and to encourage them to keep going even when it is difficult. Look out for them at the next Open Classrooms.