School Work Party Saturday 3rd March 2012


A huge thank you to all the parents and children who turned up on Saturday to help with giving the school grounds a tidy up. After a dull and damp start we were rewarded with sunshine and a fresh breeze.

Clearing the winter debris was the main priority with leaves, soil and litter cleared from the margins of the playgrounds and beds. The compost bins were given a stir and composted waste dug in to the vegetable beds. The greenhouse was given a spring clean as was the Reception outdoor area.

Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Purcaro made some wonderful cakes to keep us all going whilst Mrs Blake made sure everyone was kept watered with coffee, tea and squash. Volunteers at Leckhampton School must be among some of the best looked after!

The children who attended were excited that the pond was teaming with life. Miss Porter and I have never seen as many frogs and toads in one place – they even started singing (croaking) for us. The pond looked really healthy with several newts spotted amongst the frogspawn. This has encouraged us to look at putting in another pond somewhere in the conservation area. The type we are looking at will be hexagonal and raised to allow easy access for all.

If you have never been to one of these events please consider joining us next time. There is a wonderful community feel and so much is achieved in a relatively short space of time. The next dates are (provisionally) Saturday 28th April and Saturday 16th June.

Thank you everyone.

Mr Seeley