STOP PRESS Green Flag Award

On Tuesday 1st April we were visited by Sarah Jones from Eco Schools to make an assessment on the progress we have made as a school towards our second Green Flag. This is a prestigious award given to schools that are making a concerted effort to be more sustainable, while simultaneously educating their pupils about the environment and Eco issues.

Having arrived at 9.30 Sarah was shown to the multi-function room where the Eco Committee made a short presentation covering the nine areas we are working on: Energy; Litter; Waste minimisation/Recycling; Water; Transport; Healthy living; Biodiversity; School Grounds and Global Perspective. The children performed magnificently, answering each of her questions naturally and thoroughly, displaying an in-depth knowledge of each area.

Sarah was then treated to a comprehensive guided tour of the school and school grounds, led by the children, who once again ‘sold’ the whole project so convincingly by being so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Eco issues. She was deeply impressed by the children and commented on their commitment. She was then left to look through the two large evidence files that support the work we are doing as a school.

Shortly after her departure at 11.30 we received a ‘phone call confirming that we had met the more stringent criteria and were awarded our second Green Flag.

I would like to thank all of the members of the Eco Committee and also James Pearne and Ben Gilchrist from School Council together with Ms Taylor and Mrs Crabb, who helped prepare the children so well.