Summer Fayre

On the 2nd of July Leckhampton C of E Primary School had their fantastic summer fayre. This was upsetting for some of the year 6s, as this was their last one being at the school. We have managed to get a couple of interviews from some of the year six children to see how they feel.

The summer fayre was amazing it was one of the best fayres that there has been.

We managed to interview some year sixes Olwen sands said “ It was amazing I loved the tombaola and the toys there.” This year the scouts helped out on the tombola and hook a duck. This was one of the best fayres there has been many people who have enjoyed the fayre there was an AMAZING BBQ one of the best ever.

Loads of people enjoyed throwing a sponge at Mr Cook he got drenched everybody loved the fayre.

By Edward Carmichael