Violin Soiree 22nd June 2016


Our concert series came to an end with our annual Violin Soiree.  Opened by Mrs Hogarth and the String Group, they did a marvellous job, capturing our ears and playing together very tunefully.

We were next treated to a duet by two of our Year 6 players, Johana and Tillie who really showed us what can be achieved within three years of hard work and practice.

Followed by our youngest Year 3 beginners, these children focussed and did a great job of entertaining us with a wide range of simple tunes.

Our Year 4 and Year 5 players then shared their repertoire as they played a selection of graded pieces and we could see how the children’s skills continue to grow as they practice and build up their knowledge and musicality.

More Year 6 pupils all had a chance to shine with solo efforts from Meggie, Gabriel, Tilly, Johana, Edie, Charlotte and Lily.  It was so wonderful to see them perform and we hope that they continue to play at their secondary schools. We shall miss you.

A huge thank you to Mrs Gosling for putting this programme together.

Well done Children, you’re amazing.  Keep practising!