Wildlife Quiz

On 28th April 2014, James Pearne, Ben Gilchrist, Innes Peek and Lottie Maurice competed in the second round of the Gloucestershire Primary Schools Wildlife Quiz. We were competing at Charlton Kings Junior School against 2 other teams, the first, Andoversford, the second, Charlton Kings Junior School.

 After biscuits and squash to get us going, the first round began…

The first question went to Ben Gilchrist which he passed with flying colours. At the end of the 1st round, we were equal to Andoversford but Charlton Kings were falling behind.  The second round went well, with Leckhampton in the lead.  The third round was the picture round; we did well, but missed out on one mark, to do with willow herb.

The fourth round was another individual round.  This went well with only a couple of marks lost.  The final round was the specimen round, where we got full marks!


The final scores were 20 to Charlton Kings Junior School, 28 to Andoversford and 32 to Leckhampton.  This meant that we won!  Therefore, we will be competing in the Cheltenham Final.

We would like to thank Mr Seeley and Mrs Maurice for organising the Quiz, and for providing transport.  Also thank you to Bob and Christine for organising the whole event.