Working Party – Saturday 16th April 2016

At the scheduled start snow was still falling, it was 1⁰ Celsius and the prospects looked grim! By the end of the session there was a clear sky with a warm sun.

Thank you to all the families who turned up to help. We achieved the following:

  • Tidied up the willow arch, cutting back some of the old growth
  • Moved logs, twigs, hay and leaf mould to the Forest School area
  • Dug over part of the conservation area and sowed wildflower seed
  • We used the turf to provide a roof for the bug hotel
  • Filled the pallets with plastic pots, canes, drilled wood, bricks, pebbles and hay to provide habitats for insects
  • Removed the nettles from the willow arbour
  • Ate some lovely cake and biscuits!

All of this was achieved between 9.30 and 1.00pm with adults and children working alongside each other. It is very relaxed and social with children able to roam freely and enjoy parts of the school they don’t always have access to. I did not hear a single complaint about being bored or wanting to go home.

A special thank you to Mrs Blake, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs McBane who provided cakes and biscuits to enjoy with tea and coffee. If you haven’t been before please come along next time.

We were also accompanied by a ‘friendly’ robin, two frogs, several newts and an army of woodlice.

Thank you again.
Mr Seeley and Mrs Daly
ECO and Outdoor Learning Coordinators