Year 5 World Singing Games Training.


On 13th of March Ms Crompton took Lydia, Mimmy, Eryn and Pippa to Mitton Manor Primary School.  We learnt singing and dancing games with Annet Richards-Binns. The idea is that we take these out into the playground to teach other children.

The first game/song was Bambaliba which was one of our favourites.  In that game we were in a circle and Annet played the drums. Then one person skipped around the circle and when the music stopped you had to stop at the person you where facing (they had to be someone from another school), then you would sing to them ‘Shake shake shake your body I will be your friend’.  You’d take their place then they go around the circle and the game carries on.

Next we played/sang Oranges and Lemons, Musical Islands, Fox in the Box, Grand of Duke of York, In the River on the Bank, Hill ‘n’ Gully Rider, Zama Zama, Hands up in 2012 and Ram Ram Rip.  So these are all the games/songs we did and we very much enjoyed the experience.

We would like to thank Ms. Crompton for organising it!

By Eryn, Lydia, Pippa and Mimmy