Year 6 Young Leaders

Young Leaders is a club where Year 6 children come together to choreograph ‘Wake and Shake’ routines and we also get the opportunity to work with the infants at our school during their lunchtimes.  It is run by Mrs Head and Mr Carbin.

We think Young Leaders is great and it should happen in every school.  ‘Wake and Shake’ happens 2 or 3 times a week and we enjoy leading the school through our dance routines and giving them a bright start to the day.  We love teaching the little children new games and activities at lunchtimes.  We make them feel safe and make sure that they always have a busy and fun time!

There are 28 Young Leaders at our school and we really enjoy this special role.  Thank you to Mrs Head and Mr Carbin for running the young Leaders club for us. 

By Martha Peace, Fleur Baker and Stella Breeze