House Captains

Roles and Responsibilities

At Leckhampton C of E Primary School, we recognise the importance and value of House and Vice House Captains in supporting the Leckhampton family.  These key roles are ones of privilege and responsibility that require the children to be dedicated and organised and set a positive example to all children throughout the school.

Some of the key responsibilities of our House Captains include:

  • To be a role model in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour, manners and appearance to all members of the Leckhampton family.
  • To liaise with other House Captains and the staff team.
  • To organise House meetings and communicate clearly and effectively with all members of the House team.
  • To help organise and support House activities including, Inter-House Competitions such as House Sports and House Music.
  • To support and model positive behaviour after collective worship and around the school.
  • To support the staff team with jobs as and when necessary.
  • To wear the House Captain’s badge with pride.

Meet the House Captains for 2021/2022

House Captains