At Leckhampton we have a team of hard working staff who do all they can to ensure that the children enjoy their time in school and achieve their best.

Head Teacher:

Assistant Headteachers:

Miss S J Porter Miss S J Porter

Assistant Headteachers:

Miss J E Gill Miss J E Gill
Mrs S Taylor Mrs S Taylor


Mrs L Chapman Mrs L Chapman
Mrs I Connolley Mrs I Connolley
Miss R Gray Miss R Gray
Mrs S Head Mrs S Head
Miss L Heath Miss L Heath
Mrs Riches Mrs Riches
Mr T Robinson Mr T Robinson
Mr J Seeley Mr J Seeley
Mr A Slade Mr A Slade
Miss A Sullivan Miss A Sullivan
Miss C Wilding Miss C Wilding
Mrs E Woolford Mrs E Woolford

Part-time Teachers:

Mrs H Bennett
Mrs R Curtis
Mrs A Daly
Mrs K Oakey
Mrs A Parrott
Mrs S Pinless
Mrs J M Thomas

Administrative Staff:

Mrs L J East
Mrs J Evans
Mrs S D Smith
Miss S Merrett (ICT Technician)

Learning Support Workers:

Mrs K Blake
Mrs J Caulfield
Mrs J Cousens
Mrs L Crabb
Mrs A Davies
Mrs E Evans
Mrs J Eyles
Ms S Grover
Mrs S Humpherson
Mrs R Linton
Mrs H Maurice
Mrs S Moreland
Mrs K Peace

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs A Elua-Samaniego
Miss C Jones

School Crossing Patrol:

Mr J Blizzard


Mr Q Kelsey


GlenCleaning Services


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