Worship at Leckhampton

At Leckhampton Church of England Primary School, our core Christian values are at the heart of all that we do. Daily collective worship is an integral part of our school’s ethos. It is broadly Christian in nature and inclusive of all pupils. It is a time for spiritual and moral reflection and supports the school family in taking responsibility for our actions and understanding how we can make a positive difference to the lives of others. It is a time when the school family can express itself and develop spiritually both as a group and individually. Worship promotes a sense of unity and community for the school family as a whole, as well as promoting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development including British values. The promotion of the concept of respecting the dignity and worth of each individual is a key theme which runs throughout our worship and school life.

Each term the school family focuses on two values and a theme for each week. We worship together daily, either within groups, as a class, a phase or as a whole school family; there is always a moment dedicated to prayer and reflection.

Each class has the opportunity to lead the whole school in worship, based on the value and theme for that week. Families are invited to join in worship with their child’s class and look forward to this special time together.

As well as classes leading worship, children in Year 5 have the opportunity to work with the Worship lead to create, plan and lead Worship based on the school’s current value and theme.

Throughout school, we have a common language that we use to describe, reflect and acknowledge key moments in our day and lives. This is described as our spiritual language and we use the Japanese art of Kitsugi, to help us to understand this concept.  We use a clay bowl as an image of us as an individual and acknowledge that there are key moments in our lives that may make us “crack” and “grow”. These moments can be ignored or reflected on. If we reflect on these moments we can fill our cracks with golden glue which makes us even more beautiful and special than before. In our school, these moments are described as…

Wow moments, such as feeling proud or when seeing a beautiful sight

Ow moments, such as when we feel hurt or upset

Now moments, when we stop to be in a moment, such as when it suddenly rains heavily.

Within each classroom, there is a ‘peaceful place’, where pupils can reflect on the value the whole school are exploring that term and have a place to reflect on any Wow, Ow and Now moments.