Pupil Parliament

Our successful Pupil Parliament is a vibrant and well- respected body within the school and consists of 22 pupils from Years 3 to 6. Each of our four House Captains and their Vice House Captain are elected democratically by Key Stage 2 children from their respective House, following a successful letter of application and speech. These children lead their respective Ministries, together with two children from each class, who have been elected democratically through a class vote.

There are four Pupil Parliament Ministries which are responsible for key aspects of school life. They are: Curriculum and Learning; Health and Well-Being; Charity and Partnership; School Environment and Eco

Each Ministry is led by the Year 6 House Captains who are responsible for leading projects relating to their Ministry. These projects are agreed in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Pupil Parliament actively promotes pupil leadership opportunities, enabling the children to develop valuable communication, co-operation, organisational and debating skills, as well as developing a sense of responsibility and deepening their understanding of democracy.

We believe that it is vital for our pupils to have a voice and be involved in key matters relating to our school. Through involvement and active engagement with Pupil Parliament, pupils are actively involved in the decision-making process, where they feel valued for their contributions. Pupils relish the opportunity to make a greater contribution to our school and enjoy making their voices heard.

Children involved in our Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environment and lead projects agreed by the Senior Leadership Team. As part of their responsibilities, the team are supported to organise their own meetings, decide on an agenda, share new ideas and vote on a number of school-related issues. Actions from each meeting are shared with each class via their Class Ministers. Outcomes of these meetings are shared with the SLT who consider, discuss and respond to the issues raised.

In recognition of their contribution throughout the year, and to support them with developing skills for their role, every member of Pupil Parliament is invited to visit the Houses of Parliament each year to gain an insight into politics and the parliament. In addition, all pupils learn more about Parliament and Democracy from a guest speaker from the Parliamentary outreach service, so that all children can gain a greater understanding of the democratic process.

Pupil Parliament Actions from 2018-19

Curriculum and Learning Ministry Actions
  • Evaluation of the learning within School with pupils from Challenge Partner network school and reciprocal visit to participating school in Worcestershire. Recommendations discussed by SLT/Governing Body and implemented e.g smarter school uniform expectations
  • Creation of a Pupil Parliament suggestion box of ideas to consider to improve School
  • Creation of an ideas/sharing wall recommending books to others, sharing facts etc
Charity and Partnership Ministry
  • Sponsored run to raise money for our School Charities raised and incredible £2385.40. £795.13 given to each of our three School Charities: MIND; Muscular Dystrophy UK; Maggies)
School Environment Ministry
  • Tidiest cloakroom competition led to an overall improvement in tidiness of these areas
Health and Well-Being Ministry
  • Promotion of healthy snacks at playtime
  • Introduction of crisp packet recycling to raise money for Kicks Count Charity (aiming to reduce the UK`s stillbirth and neonatal death rate)