Leckhampton C of E Primary School has developed an ambitious, knowledge rich curriculum which is designed to provide our children with secure foundations on which each stage of their learning can be built.

Our Church of England school vision, values and aims are skilfully woven into the curriculum and this is especially evident in our Personal, Social, Heath and Economic Education (PSHE) Curriculum Plan, where children have the opportunity to reflect and discuss issues and topics which matter to them. Sport, Art, Music and Drama have always played a significant part in life at Leckhampton. Through these subjects and other opportunities for personal development, children develop the skills, personal qualities and characteristics which will prepare them for life in Modern Britain and a changing world.

Within each subject studied, essential knowledge has been carefully sequenced and repeated across key strands so that pupils remember what they have been taught. Consequently, pupils develop a strong learning foundation, on which more complex concepts and ideas can be built. Disciplinary knowledge is also progressively mapped out in each foundation subject area, equipping pupils with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to think like a… geographer, scientist, designer or artist.

At Leckhampton, each subject has its own intent (or plan) which has been constructed by subject leaders. Careful consideration has been given to the sequencing of knowledge, skills and vocabulary using a focus on – Why this? Why now?

We place a high value on the teaching of reading, writing, mathematics and science in school. We believe that providing children with essential skills and knowledge in these subjects will not only help them to achieve at each stage of their schooling but enable them to make choices about their future. This is carefully balanced against all other subjects in the National Curriculum, which in turn hold their own, significant place within the Leckhampton Curriculum.

Educational visits and visitors to the school are integral to our curriculum. They help to bring learning alive and offer children the opportunity to experience what they see and hear about in the classroom, first hand. Extracurricular activities also enhance the curriculum in a variety of ways, whether through choral performances, which support the school’s Performance and Singing Music Strategies, or practising PE skills in Football or Netball club – our children know and understand that learning can happen anytime or anywhere.