What is Folps?

What is Folps? 

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Welcome to the Friends of Leckhampton Primary School, otherwise known as FoLPS.

FoLPS is a registered charity consisting of parents, carers, teachers and friends of the School. We run a range of events and activities each academic year to raise funds and foster relationships within the school community.

The funds we raise contribute to our children’s education and enjoyment of school life. We help to buy equipment and books, fund class trips, support school projects and invite visits to the school from a range of educational and entertaining professionals.

We succeed on the strength of support from our members, teachers and volunteers from the parent body. Without this combined effort FoLPS would not be able to support our children in such a special and unique way.

As a parent or guardian of a child at Leckhampton Primary School, you’re already a valued member of the FoLPS Team and can join us to raise funds, have fun and make a positive contribution to your child’s school life.

We welcome you to Leckhampton Primary School and look forward to getting to know you.

The FoLPS Team

“The Friends of Leckhampton Primary School contribute towards a variety of projects which benefit the children in a number of ways. Historically, FoLPS have raised funds enabling the school to improve its provision for children and to enhance the school environment. Leckhampton Primary School is truly grateful for the support of its FoLPS members both past and present who work hard to provide so many wonderful opportunities and resources for our school.”

Sam Porter, Head Teacher

How do I get in touch or find out more information?

If you would like to get in touch you can e-mail FoLPS directly, chair@folps.com

FoLPS news, events and meetings are well publicised by the school via a variety of methods including e-mail, text, letters in book bags and the school bulletin. FoLPS events are always supported by posters and updates which are displayed on the FoLPS Noticeboard located next to the Hall Entrance.