Woodland in Reception

Oak and Elm classes have had the most wonderful time familiarising themselves with our beautiful Woodland Area over the past few months. From learning how to put on waterproof jackets and trousers to becoming accustomed to the few rules we have to keep us safe, all the children have been fantastic.

We have engaged in some wonderful learning opportunities. Use of the ‘diggers and dumpers’ in the large gravel and stone pits has been very popular.  We have enjoyed hunting for bugs using magnifying glasses and viewing pots.  Precious things have been hunted out and we enjoyed hearing each other’s reasons as to why we had chosen our objects.  Working with a partner to identify objects placed in feely bags was great fun and we all had a lot of success.

We became leaf detectives on a particularly windy Tuesday afternoon down in the Woodland Area. By the end of the session we were able to identify an Oak leaf, a Cherry leaf, a Sycamore leaf and a Willow leaf.  These leaves were then used to create beautiful, natural repeating patterns.

In recent weeks we have enjoyed making our own plant pots out of newspaper, in which we each planted a broad bean. We now wait with eager anticipation as to what may appear in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday afternoons in the Woodland Area are such a treat for us all and we so look forward to that gentle meander across the field each week.